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47th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards

The 47th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards were presented on May 20, 2002 at Webster Hall in Manhattan.

Yvette Ganier for her performance in "Breath, Boom"
Jeffrey Wright for his performance in "Topdog/Underdog"
Raul Esparza for his performance in "Tick, Tick...Boom!"
Martha Plimpton for her performance in "Hobson's Choice"
Christopher Donahue for his performance in "Monster"
Linda Emond for her performance in "Homebody/Kabul"
Bill Camp for his performance "Homebody/Kabul"
Juliana Francis for her performance in "Maria del Bosco"
Peter Frechette for his performance in "The Dazzle"
Reg Rogers for his performance "The Dazzle"
The Acting Ensemble of "Talk":
Reg E. Cathey, Karen Kandel, John Seitz, James Himelsbach, Anthony Mackie, Maria Tucci.

George C. Wolfe for his direction of "Topdog/Underdog."
Mary Zimmerman for her direction of "Metamorphoses."

Kevin Adams for Sustained Excellence of Lighting Design.
Whit MacLaughlin for sound design for "The Fab 4 Reach the Pearly Gates."
Angela Moore for set design for "Drummer Wanted."
Michael Schmelling for his lighting design of "Drummer Wanted."

Special Citations:
The Wooster Group "To You, the Birdie!"
Daniel Aukin for his direction of "[Sic]."
Louisa Thompson for her set design for "[Sic]."
Ingmar Bergman and the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden "The Ghost Sonata."
Elaine Stritch, "Elaine Stritch at Liberty."
Daniel MacIvor "In on It."
Charles L. Mee for playwriting "Big Love."
Les Waters for his direction of "Big Love."
A.R.T. / New York suuport of NYC Off-Broadway Theater
Marilys Ernst "Talk."

Melissa James Gibson for playwriting "[Sic]."
Tony Kushner for playwriting "Homebody/Kabul."

Sustained Achievement Award:
Caryl Churchill for Sustained Achievement.

Ma-Yi Theater Company ($5000)
Salt Theater Company ($5000)

Ross Wetzsteon Award:
Mark Russell, PS 122.

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