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Larry Littany Litt



Nazis and Me
Written and Performed by David Lawson
Directed by Kevin R. Free
Frigid Festival
Under St. Marks, 94 St. Marks Place NYC
Reviewed by Larry Littany Litt Nov. 13, 2018

As the child of a family who had many of their kinfolk murdered by nazis in the Holocaust it’s always interesting to see plays that tell versions of that particular story. David Lawson’s “Nazis and Me” is a sparkling, witty and wise example of personal storytelling mixed with the sad sadistic history of anti-Semitism and outrageous current neo-nazi headlines. It’s unfortunate that the show I saw was also the last performance of Lawson’s opus. Did the neo-nazis somehow close it? Another ‘alt-right’ conspiracy?

Personal performances are a genre that have exploded since the confessional content boom was born in the 1980s. What makes this performance different is Lawson’s connection with the world’s growing negative attitude toward Jews. He’s not explaining the phenomenon. He’s pointing out that Jews have enemies, have always had enemies and hopefully won’t always have enemies. He assumes and believes his audiences know why. He’s not paranoid, he’s a realist.

While this hateful situation is growing in America and Europe the great hope is that all the suicidal and death wishing single men who become neo-nazis get together, fall in love with each other, marry and have happy, happy, happy gay lives. Possible? Who would have thought transgenderism would become a common trendy thing for rebellious teenagers? So who would imagine that it could be a solution to neo-nazi hate? Anything is possible.

Because psychoanalytic theory postulates that sexual repression leads to anger, victimization, homicide, self-hatred and suicide. It’s not a pretty picture of the contemporary state of lonely, angry, ethno-centric purity-seeking men in this liberal, politically correct and cultural Marxist world. So my hope is plays like “Nazis and Me” convince audiences to offer love to neo-nazis. Maybe some programmer or coder can create ‘neo-nazi match.org <http://match.org>’ websites instead of ‘stormtrooper.com <http://stormtrooper.com>’ hate purveyors. I mean offer real love with screaming, exhausting ecstatic sexual love. Something they’ve probably never felt. They need it before they implode or explode with violence.

David Lawson is an actor to watch. He’s an original with influences from Robert Klein, Woody Allen and Lewis Black wrapped up in a nice guy face and intelligent persona from diverse Queens. Too bad the Frigid Festival show closed. Hopefully it will return to an intimate theater near you.


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