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Larry Litt


"My Son the Waiter, A Jewsh Tragedy"

My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy
Written and performed by Brad Zimmerman
Produced by Dana Matthow and Philip Roger Roy
Triad Theater
138 West 72nd Street upstairs NYC, NY
Closes Dec 31, 2015
Reviewed Dec 11, 2015 by Larry Littany Litt

"My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy" is a hilarious one man stand up comedy confessional expose that made me laugh until tears rolled down my face. A brilliant combination of Borscht Belt shtick, actor-insider confessional, career tips for actor-waiters and adult audience pleasing wit.

Brad Zimmerman has achieved what most Jewish comedians albatrossed with their mothers in eternal tow want to do. He does it well enough to cross ethnic lines, digging into the souls of families with artsy offspring. Every son and daughter in the arts will recognize his mother's maternalizing character. The mirror of Motherhood is revealed in loving yet mocking reality. Can Brad ever please his mother who only wants him to be 'happy' no matter what he does.

Brad will kill in South Florida condos, hotels and on cruise ships. I think he deserves a tv series. Brad as restaurant owner advising young actor/waiters on their career choices and love lives. Channeled through the voice of his mother. Who would be the worst agent ever.


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