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Larry Litt

The Great American All Star Traveling War Machine


The Great American All Star Traveling War Machine
Directed by Jim Niesen
Irondate Ensemble at Theater for the New City
Opens May 16, 2008
Closes June 15, 2008
Wednesday 8:00 pm, Thursday 8:00 pm, Friday 8:00pm, Saturday 8:00pm, Sunday 3:00pm
Tickets: $40.00
$15 for students/seniors (Opening Night Only)
Reviewed May 18, 2008

This is not going to be a favorable review. Even though I empathize with Irondale's anti war stance, it's politics are riddled with falsehoods and prejudice.

I personally am angered by references, in what is billed as a cabaret about war and its history, that turn out to be glaringly racist and anti-Semitic.

We are offered the idea that Israel condones the killing of Palestinian children as a military policy. In what appears as a wholly out of context scene, several Israeli soldiers are debating strategies for protection of a location. It ends on a sadistic and demonic note reminiscent of medieval charges of Jews killing and draining the blood of Christian children as a recipe ingredient for Passover matzoh. I would have preferred that charge, as it is ridiculous. The fact that Israeli children die every day in bombings is never mentioned.

The entire show is ruined by this hideous image and false allegation. Irondale's politics are the politics of the frustrated, liberal, guilt burdened, underdog loving, pacifist, academic, theoretically boring left. They're entitled to it.

However, only when they return their land, houses and summer retreats to Native Americans will I feel they are consistent in their political worldview.


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