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…And Sophie Comes Too

Following a sold-out run at the NY International Fringe Festival, cracking new comedy "And Sophie Comes Too" returns to NYC for a 5-date encore performance!

And Sophie Comes Too
Soho Playhouse, ,15 Vandam St,NYC
September 12 - 26
Tickets $15 - $18. Information

"And Sophie Comes Too" returns as part of the NYC Fringe Encore Series. Photo by Care of Shirley Hertz Associates.

A contemporary comedy about becoming fully conscious, "And Sophie Comes Too" follows the three Abramowitz sisters and their mother Sophie, who may or may not wake from a coma before her daughters take control of their increasingly chaotic lives. "It's about family in transition - the three adult sisters are each trying to reinvent themselves," explains playwright Meryl Cohn. "Barbara is adopting a baby; Rose is finally coming to terms with the fact that her life is a mess; and transgendered Sandra is becoming a man. Their mother, Sophie, awakens from a coma, and she seems different - not who they think she is." As the play unfolds, each of the characters finds a way to become who she really is.

"And Sophie Comes Too" grew out of Cohn's shorter work "Awake", which explored three sisters trying to decide whether or not to try to wake their mother from a coma. "I liked the characters and found that I wanted to spend more time with them," says Cohn, on her decision to turn "Awake" into a full-length play.

Cohn says that dialogue is what comes most naturally to her as a writer. "It was a real 'A-ha!' moment in college for me," she says. "It felt really dramatic, like finally trying on the right shoes." Now a successful columnist and author, Cohn recently received the 2009 Jane Chambers Playwriting Award for another play, "The Siegels Of Montauk", a win she describes as "thrilling".

After a sell-out season at the Fringe, "And Sophie Comes Too" has been invited back as part of the NYC Fringe Encore Series. On the play's successful run, Cohn explains that while the characters are New Yorkers and the play takes place in Manhattan, "more than anything, the sensibility and sense of humor is what connects with a New York audience."

Cohn is currently working on musical with collaborators Susan Goldberg and Billy Hough called "Insatiable Hunger". It's set to stars Lea Delaria, and will be produced at W.H.A.T. (The Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater) from October 8 to 23. Keep an eye out for it, and in the meantime, catch the best of the Fringe while you still can!


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