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Theater… With Bite

Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom by Charles Busch
Presented by ONEtime Productions.
Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Avenue, NYC
June 17 to June 26
Tickets $15/ $25. Information: 646-312-4085 and

You just can’t keep a good vampire down. From "Twilight" to "Buffy" to "True Blood," our fascination with the undead needs no introduction. But for those of you who thought our dalliance with the dark lords was a relatively new phenomenon, you obviously weren’t at the opening night of "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom." This campy, satirical production first graced Off-Broadway in 1984, and went on to become one of the longest running OB performances in history. One of the treasures of the scene, drag performer Charles Busch wrote, directed, produced and acted in the cult hit. And now the adults-only sexy spectacle is back, ready to terrify and titillate.

"Personally, I think vampires have always been hot," offers director and star, Diana Harkin. "The erotic nature in which they feed and multiply, the immortality, the darkness, the power of an unwilling ones complete surrender onto you, carrying out your every bidding. Stop, I'm turning myself on!"

Want a bite? Kendra MacDevitt and Diana Harkin get down ‘n’ dirty, vampire style. Photo courtesy of ONEtime Productions.
Ms. Harkin had only heard the name of the show when she decided it was the next adventure for her. "My initial intention was to produce and direct the show," she explains. "I began reading, and literally ten minutes later, I'm on the phone to my production partner Matt McAllister, saying, 'We are doing 'Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom' and I'm the Succubus!' And the rest, as they say, is history…"

We begin in Sodom, where a succubus worshiped as a goddess is delivered a sacrificial virgin. After a short exchange and much, ahem, ‘mutual appreciation’, she feeds from her, unaware that she is unwittingly creating her nemesis, as the virgin craftily drinks the blood of the succubus. The ensuing love/ hate relationship stretches over two thousand years, bringing us to the modern day. In Diana’s words, it’s dark, sexy, edgy and due to the caliber of writing, hilariously funny and outrageous. On an aesthetic level, she sites her inspirations as "Dracula," "Masque of the Red Death," Tim Burton, and "Hardcore Lesbians Get It On" – "joking joking!"

Ah yes, lesbians: surely just as seductive and popular as those who fear sunlight and garlic breath. So how much girl-on-girl action can we look forward to in this campy hit? "As any good seductress knows, the game is as good as the catch," Diana says demurely. "And as for how much catching, one will have to wait and see."

Choose Your Own Adventure: We ask the tough questions…

Mixtape: Portia or Ellen?

Diana: Portia, I'm way to aesthetic for my own good.

Mixtape: Spike or Angel?

Diana: Both, at the same time!"

Mixtape: Old school Hollywood or 21st century Hollywood?

Diana: Old school – oh, the glamour!"

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