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Paulanne Simmons

Interactive Family Fun

Pip’s Island
Created by Rami and Rania Ajami
Skylight Modern
537 West 27 Street
Opened Nov. 12, 2016
Wed. and Fri.-Sun
Tickets: $50, 866-811-4111 or www.pipsisland.com/tickets/
Closes Jan 8, 2016
Reviewed by Paulanne Simmons Nov. 20, 2016

PIP'S ISLAND performers and audience members. Photo by Thom Kaine


At a time when there is such an interest in immersive, interactive and mixed media theater, it’s a bit ironic that the production which takes all this to the highest level of innovation is, in fact, a children’s show. “Pip’s Island,” the brainchild of brother and sister Rami and Rania Ajami, takes explorers (aged 4-12) and their adult assistants on a delightful adventure filled with music, dance, puppetry and colorful props.

The children first put on really cute explorer vests with badges that light up. Then they meet the Island’s guardian, Amperes Wilson, who appears on screen, tells them about their mission and sends them off on a boat bound for the island.

The children’s mission is to rescue the island from the WilPip’s Island . To do so they must harness the magical powers of the island, collect five Spark badges, get one of the island’s defenders out of the stomach of an evil monster, solve riddles, and much more.

As the children go about their mission they travel into different environments called the Ranges, passing through cleverly designed portals. All the environments are intriguing and unique. They are both high-tech and colorful. There are tons of gadgets and video screens, and flashing lights and fog abound (there are also here and there cushions for the adult assistants to sit on).

While the children are led by Pip, Finn and Pebble, and a team of actors and assistants, they also interact with puppets and video characters. The actors take special care to make sure no child is left out of the fun. But most kids will be more than willing to join in the adventure.


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