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Lucy Komisar

“Et Si” a smart pas de deux about a dance romance

“Et Si.”
Choreographed by Stéphane Ripon.
Théâtre des vents, Avignon Theater Festival OFF, Avignon.
July 6 -29, 2018.

Reviewed by Lucy Komisar.

Marie Gaudillière and Stéphane Ripon. Photo by Valérie Broue.

I liked this clever pas de deux. But don’t think classical ballet, think very contemporary male- female dance. “Et Si” means “And if.” First you see a table, and under that legs. Everything above the table is blacked out. He is twisting. She kicks off red spike heels. You use your imagination. Very smart. She is cool. The twists are erratic, movements are jagged. Like the relationship.

We do then see both dancers, Stéphane Ripon and Marie Gaudillière. There are in an intimate space, two chairs and a table. There are connections and hostilities. High kicks and splits in air. She stumbles, can’t walk, he laughs. Both dancers are very good. It’s a very fine small-in-space but big-in- conception dance piece.

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