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New York, NY, March 30, 2004 -- The Theatre Museum (TTM) is a non-profit education corporation. This cultural institution's mission is to preserve, protect and perpetuate the legacy of theatre. TTM now operates as "museum at large." TTM will acquire the projects and programs of the Broadway Theatre Institute, and commits to continuing and enhancing its cultural preservation and theatre arts in education programs.

Operating with a provisional charter from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York granted in 2003, TTM's focus is twofold; cultural preservation and theatre arts in education. A major goal is the construction of a theatre museum where future generations can enjoy the rich heritage and pure excitement of the stage. Under the guidance of President and CEO Helen Marie Guditis, TTM currently collaborates with other cultural institutions and associations to bring a theatre history experience to the public. As plans develop for the Theatre Museum's home, the vision is to include a backstage experience and galleries with interactive exhibits telling the story of each of the theatre crafts along with more traditional interpretive exhibits and a children's area for 5 to 10 year olds. "The Theatre Museum is committed to telling the story of the rich heritage of theatre, " says Guditis. "The stage reflects our own lives and culture. The actors, producers, directors, writers and everyone who make up the theatre community help us understand ourselves and the world around us."

TTM continues the high quality educational programs that BTI has been implementing since 1993 as it collaborates with public, independent and parochial schools to provide theatre arts education to students from K-12. These programs are now being incorporated into The Theatre Museum's Arts Institute which is designed to guide students through a creative process that includes script development, music composition, acting, dance and design. Students work with theatrical professionals to create an original story concept and learn to use improvisation and creative drama to explore language, music, voice, gesture and movement. Upon completion of the production process, performances are mounted at each participating school and students receive Achievement Awards to acknowledge their efforts.

TTM also continues and expands the theatre workshops for teachers and administrators to assist them in helping their students to meet and exceed the New York State Learning Standards. Through interactive programs, educators learn to incorporate theatre arts education into their curriculum with the goal of improving students' literacy, social studies, language arts and math skills.

To record and preserve the Theatre's vast history, and to open the lines of communication to past, present and future members of that artistic community, TTM continues Then & Now Theatre History Seminars and Exhibitions on topics ranging from sound and lighting to writing and directing. Panelists at some of the seminars have included Gerald Schoenfeld, Chairman of the Shubert Organization; Tony-award winning costume designer William Ivey Long; composer Martin Charnin; writer Joseph Stein and many other distinguished theater professionals.

Since 1995 the Broadway Theater Institute's annual "Awards For Excellence" is one of the most sought-after "insider" tickets. TTM continues this effort since this event pays tribute to those individuals and organizations laboring behind the scenes in an effort to bring the best of the stage to the public in the areas of cultural preservation and theatre arts education. Honorees have included Betty Corwin for the Theatre on Film and Tape at the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center, actress Gwen Verdon, The Shubert Archives, The Harvard Theatre Collection and the City Center Education program.

Headquarters are located in New York City.

"Mike" Simons

Lee Migliara


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